University Planning and Resources Council

Who We Are

The University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC) is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate.

UPRC membership for 2023-24 academic year

What is UPRC

The UPRC examines resource implications for major changes in academic programs and reviews the adequacy of those resources. UPRC does not attempt to direct budgetary processes other than to provide broad general priorities. The UPRC is responsible for the formation and review of policy and procedures in all aspects of University Planning and allocation of resources, with special emphasis on matters of concern to faculty. The Council works to assure that it is well-informed about planning issues and the financial operations and financial status of the University. The UPRC regularly reviews the University's Strategic Plan, recommends priorities to be used in preparing the University's biennial operating and capital budget request, in the allocation of appropriated resources, and in consideration of budget reductions.

Who Serves on UPRC

The membership of the UPRC, a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, is comprised of faculty representatives from all of the Colleges and Western Libraries, Vice Presidents, and representatives of the Professional Staff and Classified Staff.

UPRC Chair

Allison Giffen (English)

UPRC 2023-24 meeting dates

UPRC meets on alternate Wednesdays at 4 p.m. The 2023-24 meeting schedule is in progress.