ACC Policies and Guidance

Policy on Credit Hours

ACC is responsible for ensuring every approved course at Western is assigned an appropriate number of credit hours, meets Western's credit hour definition, and complies with the total student work per credit.

Course Modality Timeline and Contingency Planning

ACC's current timeline and planning for course modality approval. Includes current definitions for Western approved course modalities.

Religious Accomodation

Western provides reasonable accommodation for students to take holidays for reasons of faith or conscience or for organized activities conducted under the auspices of a religious denomination, church, or religious organization.

Course Modality Definitions

ACC-approved definitions of instructional method or delivery method of a course.

Large Scale Curriculum Changes Criteria

ACC recognizes the need for regulating large-scale changes to curriculum, creating a streamlined approach that includes criteria for approval and workflow.

Syllabus Requirements and Guidance

ACC revised its Syllabus Requirements and Guidance to assist with new courses, courses with existing or new GUR attributes, course revisions, etc.

Timeline and Plan for Writing Proficiency Points

ACC's current timeline and plan to implement fixed WP values for the 2024-2025 University Catalog.

Course Repeatability

ACC requires that all repeatable courses specify limitations upon repeatability and that course descriptions for repeatable classes include standardized language articulating these limits. 

Requesting Degree Program Moratorium

ACC implemented a new procedure for requesting a moratorium for a program of study, and programs being considered for permanent cancellation must be placed into moratorium first.